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Deeper- What’s Changed Over the Last 3 Years?

As we mentioned in TSB, this section will feature 5-10 articles on Microsoft or the LECs:   


  1. 2018 CNBC full interview with Satya Nadella 
  2. PG Mag review of Microsoft Office 365 (referenced in the article) 
  3. Microsoft 2017 Financial Analyst Presentation (this was the last analyst day) 
  4. Bill Gates on Startups, Investing and Solving the World’s Hardest Problem (YouTube) 
  5. Microsoft HoloLens 2 Announcement at Mobile World Congress (abridged – YouTube) 
  6. Fiscal Year 3Q 2019 Webcast (most recent) 
  7. 2019 BBC article on the future of Microsoft 
  8. Just Because – Dancing CEOs (Gates and Ballmer – YouTube) 

The Local Exchange Carriers: 

  1. Windstream:  Motion to prevent Winsdstream from paying Uniti anything (Fierce Telecom) 
  2. Windstream:  Arkansas Democrat Gazette article on Windstream bankruptcy (Feb 2019) 
  3. Frontier:  Dallas Morning News 2017 article chronicles Verizon transition to Frontier (#FrontierFail) 
  4. CenturyLink:  1Q 2019 earnings webcast (registration required) 
  5. Just because – Glen Post III, former CEO of CenturyLInk 2017 speech.  Hard to believe he was their CEO for fifteen years.   

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